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Fort Collins Office Furniture

Fort Collins Office Furniture

Here’s a roundup of some recent Workplace Partners projects completed in Fort Collins, Colorado. On all of these projects, Workplace Partners was an integral part of the design process as well as the office furniture selections.

Alpine Bank, Fort Collins

Workplace Partners partnered with Alpine Bank to complete a temporary office until their new Fort Collins branch is complete. We used multiple stylish Performance Office Furniture products to complete the project.  

The private offices have L Shape height adjustable desks with a fixed height credenza. The credenza has an architecture drawer and a lateral file, next to this they have an open bookcase. For the colors, they chose a white top with a silver height-adjustable base.  Height adjustable desks are becoming the new normal giving team members the ability to sit or stand while working at their desks.  After all, they say sitting is the new smoking.  The credenza shell is at a lower height of 22″ tall. This gives team members the capability to put a printer on the lower level and with other paper sorting documents. They also decided to two-tone the desk with the top of the credenza shell being modern walnut with the desk being white. The credenza has an open hutch on top to let natural light flow through the space. They once again two-toned the credenza with the storage cabinet being modern walnut with the doors being white.   

For the workstations, we selected the Performance Elements Series.  The desks have 2 different heights with a silver metal V leg, power within the workstations, and a glass dry erase magnetic whiteboard to divide the workstations. They decided it would look best for the desks to be white with the storage below being modern walnut.   

For the desk chairs, we selected the CoolMesh Synchro High Back. This chair has a memory foam seat, seat slider, adjustable back position, adjustable lockout position, and comes with a black or polished titanium base. This is a great desk chair for anyone looking for a chair to sit in 40+ hours a week. Don’t forget to add your commercial-grade chair mat to protect your carpets. These come in both acrylic and glass in multiple sizes.   

For the conference room, we selected a 10′ boat shape wood V leg conference room table in the color modern walnut. They decided not to have power and data in the table but this is an option. For the chairs, they selected the Nova Mesh which is stylish and affordable.  

Performance Commercial Office Furniture is a great furniture line for a company that wants a stylish look on an affordable budget. The office furniture is in stock in Denver and we have deliveries every week. To learn more about performance project visit their website at –

Airbus, Fort Collins 

Workplace Partners completed this project for Airbus Aerospace Company. They moved into 2721 Council Tree Ave Fort Collins, CO 80524. In this project, we installed 42 workstations from multiple furniture manufactures.  

The workstations were provided by Clear Design. The series is called Blade. The workstations are 6’x7’6″‘ and encompass glass dry erase whiteboard privacy dividers. They include a drawer / drawer / file storage cabinet with a cushion on top for guest seating.  

The desk chairs in this project are Global Vions.  They chose multiple seat sizes for the chairs giving different body types the perfect chair. These chairs come in multiple colors for the seat, frame, and mesh back. This gives interior designs the ability to select colors to coordinate the office’s interior environment. To learn more regarding the desk chair we used click here

We also provided a large training room for the office space. We used Clear Design Optima Training Room Tables for the training room. These tables are nesting tables giving end-users the capability to flip up the top and nest the tables together.  For the seating, we used Global Spritz chairs. The chairs have a seat that folds up and the chairs nest together. This makes it easy for the customer to put the chairs together in a corner for easy storage.  

For the private offices, we used Clear Design Blade. In the offices, we used the same materials as the workstations giving the entire office a consistent look. We used the Global Vion desk chairs and Global Spritz guest chairs. We used the same chairs as the training room giving the customer the ability to roll the chairs into the training room for large gatherings. 

The last area we provided was a lounge conference room. For this area, we provided Global River.  Learn more about what Airbus purchased-  here.  This product provides a relaxed atmosphere where companies can gather in casual seating. The series offers three back heights, multiple seat heights, and supports both linear, curvilinear, 90-degree, and 120-degree configurations. Elegant polished aluminum arms are fully modular and can be installed and relocated on-site to add support where required and adapt when needs change.  This type of environment encourages creativity and lets people feel more relaxed while in an office environment.  

Palmer Properties LLC, Fort Collins 

Workplace Partners partnered with Palmer Properties LLC to furniture their headquarters.  They are located at 3665 John F Kennedy Pkwy Suite #2-300, Fort Collins, CO 80525

For this project, the Palmer Properties purchased furniture in 2015 and then purchased furniture once again in 2020. The products they selected were Performance Furnishings which is the largest commercial-grade import furniture manufacture in the world. The nice thing about these offerings is they stock 5 different laminate colors in Denver in their 60,000 square foot warehouse. This gives customers the capability to purchase furniture as they grow over the years and continue to match their existing thermally fused laminate color. If you would like to learn more about Performance please visit their website. You can also see pricing on the Workplace Partners website by simply clicking here.  

In this project, Palmer Properties purchased private office furniture, workstations, conference room furniture, and reception furniture. Below you will find a basic overview of the project.  

For the private offices, Palmer decided on L-shaped height-adjustable desks. This gives their team members the capability to sit or stand while they work.  The credenza behind the desk has a wide variety of storage. Each team member at Palmers hand-selected their storage needs based on the company’s position. After all different roles require different amounts and types of storage. Each office decided they wanted a wall mount hutch storage unit with glass doors. This stylish look gives team members the capability to store binders or snacks. This is a great feature as it frees up desk space and can be hung to the team members personal height preference. 

For the workstations, Palmer Properties selected the Performance Element series. This open concept gives employees the ability to collaborate while working in the office with privacy with open framed dividers. The dividers come in fabric, glass, and acrylic. The glass is dry erase for markers and magnetic. You can see Workplace Partners full workstation offerings here.

The seating selected in this project was the CoolMesh Pro. This chair has every ergonomic feature available on a chair. Some of the benefits are it has a memory foam seat, seat slider, adjustable ratchet back, lumbar support, adjustable back position, seat tilt, and so much more. This is the perfect chair for a team member sitting 40 plus hours a week.  The chair also comes in 7 different seat colors. This is a family chair so you can spend more or less depending upon the ergonomic features a company is looking for. Take a look at Workplace Partners’ full desk chair options here.

For the conference room, the customer selected a Performance Conference Room table. Performance has multiple tables to choose from. Here is a link to the manufacture’s tables.  You have the capability to choose 2 different laminate colors on the table and they come in multiple sizes. Standard table sizes are 6′, 8′, 10′, 12′, 14′, 16′, etcetera.  The tables come in a racetrack, boat-shaped, and rectangular.  

The chairs Palmer selected for the conference room are the Performance Nova. Here is a link to the chairsThe chairs come in black or grey and have a high back or mid-back.  They are a stylish look at an affordable price.

Are you interested in updating your Fort Collins workspace or office? Get in touch with James Burns for a free office consultation in Fort Collins and surrounding areas. Email or give us a call at  (970) 672-3440.  We look forward to assisting you on your project!