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Moving Solutions - Workplace Partners | Office Furniture Fort Collins
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Moving Solutions

Moving Solutions

Whether your company is moving to Colorado or beyond, you can trust Workplace Partners to manage the process. Our Commercial Move Coordinators will provide an itemized cost-of-moving estimate and coordinate all the details. No surprises. No hidden charges. You’ll know what to expect and we’ll do the rest.


Our AMSA Certification.


We are the ONLY AMSA (American Moving and Storage Association) certified moving and storage company in Northern Colorado, trained and equipped to perform large commercial moves. Our AMSA certified moving specialists are proud to adhere to long list of strict ethical, safety and professionally superior moving standards.


Our Corporate Client List.


Our reputation for excellence in corporate relocation services makes us the commercial movers of choice for hundreds of satisfied customers. Please call us for a free consultation and a list of references.

Moving Method

Smarter Thinking. Smarter Moves.

An experienced Commercial Move Coordinator will tour your operations with you and evaluate the move in great detail. Shortly thereafter you will be provided with a comprehensive cost of moving estimate, as well as a proposal that outlines the plan for your full move.

Upon agreement, a pre-move coordination meeting will be set up. In this meeting, our Move Coordinator will provide clear instructions for your staff on how to label items, prepare their desks, computers, and important paperwork. At this meeting, your staff can ask any questions that they may have, and the Move Coordinator is always accessible should a question arise after s/he leaves your office. We will deliver all the moving boxes and other packaging supplies you will need, including labels, in advance to allow enough time to properly prepare for the move.

Every business is different and will have unique circumstances that will be addressed. We utilize a numbered floor plan as well as a color-coding system to ensure that nothing is misplaced and that items are taken to their correct location.

To ease preparation, we provide equipment that is easy to load and unload and which allows important documents to be available for use immediately after the move. Right before your move, we will prepare your facility by protecting floors and walls as needed. Once everything is loaded onto the truck, we will deliver it to your new location and place everything where you have specified.

We have a ‘shuttle’/float method that allows the most important items to arrive first at your new location. This reduces downtime and lets you get back to your work priorities.

We will do a post-move walk-through with your designated representative to confirm that everything is in place and all has gone according to plan.

Office Moving Tips

Whether your business is moving to Denver, relocating to Colorado or moving across the country, by following a few simple tips you can save your entire organization a host of hassle. We know exactly what is vital to making the transition between facilities as smooth as possible for you, your staff, your up-stream suppliers and, of course, your customers.



Before you start planning your move, we recommend creating a relocation checklist. Our “Planning Calendar for Your Corporate Relocation” PDF can truly be a guiding light in this process.




Make sure you have excellent communication with your phone service provider about all the important move milestones. By laying a solid foundation before your corporate move, you can make certain that they are 100% committed to getting you up and running ASAP.


Contact IT


Confirm that your IT department and/or Internet provider are completely prepared to make the transition seamless. Proper communication in this case can save countless hours and headaches.


Think Electronics


Inspect all electronics and machinery for problems prior to the move (copiers, shredders, etc.) Make sure to back-up all computers two days before the move.


Keep Critical Clients in the Loop


All those clients who are on your ‘A’ list, your current projects list, or on an Accounts Receivable list as well as “critical” vendors should be informed that you are moving, before you move.

Market Your Move


Consider using your move as a special marketing opportunity with your clients and prospects. Send them a “we have moved (to better serve you)” postcard. These postcards can also be sent to inform your vendors. Also, depending on your new facility, you may even want to stage an “Open House” and invite business associates to come see your new location.


Don’t Forget the Stationary


All company stationary will need to have the new address printed. Make a list for yourself of anything that has a printed address and start to plan accordingly.


Involve Your Staff


Encourage employees to take this opportunity to discard unnecessary paperwork, trash, and unwanted supplies weeks before the move. Have your employees pack and prepare to move their own personal property.


Organize Vital Info


Distinguish between active and inactive files. Separate them as clearly as possible. You’ll want the active files accessible the minute we move you in. Create separate boxes for files you’ll need immediate access to, and label them as such.


Plan a Party


Plan to have an “Office Warming” celebration for your staff a week after the move to help with the transition to your new location.

Storage and Distribution

Whether you are a large or small company, Workplace Partners can fulfill your distribution needs and offer superior storage for rent. More than just company movers, we can receive and store your materials or product and then provide you with flexible options for pick up or delivery.

Central Location and Hours


We are centrally located in Northern Colorado off of  I-25 — making it easy for truckloads to reach us. We are open for your convenience Monday through Friday from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm offering distribution and local storage. We always have a forklift operator on staff to service your shipment and we can also deliver to your location on Saturdays.


Safe and Organized


Our warehouse offers secure storage as well as impressively clean and organized facilities. It is also temperature controlled. We have 5 dock doors to accommodate your delivery and pick-up needs. We also have four forklifts on-site as well as pallet jacks and a carpet pole to address any specific needs you may have.


Competitive Pricing


At Workplace Partners, our pricing is reasonable. Like you, we understand that the bottom line needs to make sense. When you are comparing prices, keep in mind that we have a full-time staff to service your distribution needs. Our staff will help with both the logistical coordination as well as the organization of the items themselves. Often in this business, you get what you pay for. We don’t skimp on quality and keep our pricing fair.


Unbeatable Delivery


Should you need delivery, keep in mind that your delivery will be done by the highest quality professionals in the entire region. Our crews will provide extraordinary service to both your company and your clients, every time.


Distribution Experience


Workplace Partners provides clients seamless approach to distribution.  Our team manages the logistics and delivery to ensure that your furniture arrives on time, in tact, and ready to be installed.

Interested in our Moving Services?