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Selecting Office Furniture in Longmont, Colorado - Workplace Partners
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Selecting Office Furniture in Longmont, Colorado

Selecting Office Furniture in Longmont, Colorado

Important Considerations when upgrading your office furniture in Longmont, Colorado. 

Workplace Partners has completed dozens upon dozens of office renovations and office furniture upgrades. Through our extensive experience, these are the considerations we find most important when beginning the process. 

One way to make your business stand out in Longmont, Colorado is by updating your office furniture. Purchasing new furniture for your office has some really great advantages for your business and can set the tone for customers and employees alike. For employees, it helps to foster culture and create a productive environment that will help to fuel the success of your business. Additionally, it is an investment in their health and comfort. Keeping employees happy is vital to the success of a business as it improves dedication and promotes achievement among staff. (An added bonus is that your office furniture can even be tax-deductible!) For clients, it helps to define your brand messaging and the overall client experience. By making your clients feel comfortable in your space, you will be setting the tone for your business relationship. It is important to offer them a clean and professional environment that makes them feel good about doing business with you! 

There are some important things to consider when deciding to update your office furniture in Longmont, Colorado. It’s not just about the individual pieces you select, but how they work as a whole to help reach your business goals. It’s important to think about the layout of the office and what designated spaces you may want to provide for certain tasks or business functions. Do you need to incorporate storage into your furniture selections? Are there certain types of equipment or technology that need to be accounted for in the design? Do you have plans for additional employees or growth in the future? These just scratch the surface of things that are important to consider when updating your Longmont workplace with new furnishings. 

Longmont Office with individual workstations and large window
Open Office Design in Longmont, Colorado.

This is why working with a professional company, like Workplace Partners, is crucial. We specialize in not only the selection of office furniture but in creating a program and layout that will offer your employees and clients the best experience. We will always work with our clients to achieve their goals while getting the best value for their furniture. Below is a more detailed look inside the process and items that are important to consider when deciding to upgrade your office furniture. 

1. Have a game plan for your Longmont Office.

Start by evaluating your current space and setting some goals and objectives. Think about what might be missing in your current layout. Do you need a better meeting space? Are you lacking storage for seasonal materials or supplies? One thing that can be extremely beneficial in the process is evaluating how your current employees and clients are utilizing the space. See what their day-to-day looks like to help gauge potential needs for the future space.  Start writing things down and prioritizing them. 

When putting together your game plan, here are some elements that are important to consider: 


As we previously mentioned, keeping employees happy does wonders for productivity, creativity, and overall health. If your staff is working long days, or sitting at a desk, it will be important to consider ergonomically designed chairs and workspaces. This could include sit-stand workstations with adjustable height desks that allow employees to stand up for part or all of their workday. These desks are proven to promote better health and healthier habits. Some of the benefits include lower risk of weight gain, reduced back pain, and higher energy levels and overall productivity. Take a stand for your employees and provide them with stand-up desks! 

As far as comfortable chairs go, we offer 100s of ergonomic options to keep employees comfortable while working long hours. 

Adjustable Heigh Desk Options
Adjustable height desk options for your Longmont office.

Technology is vital to the success of any business and it is important to think about how you will incorporate it into the office design to maximize functionality. Will you need conference tables with adapters or screens for presentations? What about staff workstations – will they be working off of laptops or need desks that support mounted monitors? These are just a few elements to consider when thinking about how to effectively incorporate technology into your furniture selections. It’s a great idea to list out needed equipment and technology so we can evaluate it as a whole and create the best package based on those needs. 


Storage is important to consider when selecting desks for individual workstations as well as general office storage. For desks, will your staff need file storage, sample storage, or any other personal storage space? This will determine desk configuration and the size of individual workspaces so it is important to evaluate these elements early on in the process. 

Outside of individual storage, there are tons of options for bookcases, filing cabinets, side tables, and more to offer concealed and clean solutions for hiding supplies, materials, etc. Again, making a list of items that require additional or special storage will help in designing the best furniture package for your business. 

Communal Spaces 

Does your office require communal work spaces or conference areas? We think these are always worth considering in your office design. By having an inclusive, communal space, you are able to create a team environment and also offer clients a space to convene for meetings. These can be more laid back with couches, armchairs, and coffee tables, or they can be more of a conference room style with a large table and comfortable chairs.  Another option that we like to offer to clients with smaller spaces are high top tables with stools. These still provide a collaborative space while being personal and maintaining a smaller footprint. 

Other communal spaces can include reception areas or break rooms for staff. Providing staff with a small kitchenette and dining area is always a great way to give them a break from their desk to enjoy lunch and promote a healthy work environment. 

breakroom design longmont
Breakroom Design
meeting spaces longmont office
Meeting Spaces
Brand Messaging 

Your furniture selections will help to drive your brand message. It will be a reflection of who you are and your company culture. Are you a trendy, hip business who is looking to create a vibrant, open environment that promotes collaboration, or are you more of a traditional business that needs a more subdued palette that feels more timeless and classic? It is important to think about the image you want to convey and allow Workplace Partners, or your designer, to help you select options to send the right message to your Longmont clients and staff. Fortunately, we have access to tons of brands and styles to help you find a selection of office furniture that fits your brand. 

Future Goals 

Consider where you’ll be in 5 years. Updating office furniture is a big investment so it’s important to consider your company’s future goals and predicted growth. There are many office furniture options that can be adaptable and allow for future changes in the layout of your space. Be open with Workplace Partners or your designer about this so we can make selections that better accommodate these potential changes. 

Colors and Design are important to consider as well. These can quickly become outdated so if you’re opting for a super trendy design, it is important to take into account that you may want to update some of these items in coming years to stay on-trend. Fortunately, there are plenty of options to allow for a timeless or cutting-edge design. It is also worth considering a combination of the two if that is right for your business.

2. Size things up! 

Now that you’ve got a solid game plan with a list of needs and goals for the space, it is time to look at how those will fit into your current space. Having an idea of dimensions is critical to envisioning the potential of the workplace of making the correct furniture selections. Measure the space and put those numbers to paper. If this is not something you’re comfortable doing, our team is more than happy to accommodate and take measurements. 

This process will help to further refine your game plan by prioritizing what is most important and what you have room for. 

3. Think about your budget. 

While you’re coming up with a game plan and evaluating the current space, it is also important to think about your budget. This will drive many of the design elements and selections for the project. It is much easier to start off with a realistic budget and design accordingly than aiming too high and being disappointed that your Longmont office dreams are out of reach. With realistic expectations, we can spec the right pieces and achieve the perfect look for your budget. This also helps to minimize design changes which helps the team deliver a completed project much quicker.

If you are looking to achieve a lot on a smaller budget, it might be worth considering a phased approach that allows you to tackle specific areas one at a time so that you can spread out your expenses. 

Another option to help stay on budget is using or incorporating some gently used or pre-owned pieces. Workplace Partners has access to an incredible supply of used furniture that can easily be delivered and installed in your Longmont office. 

Don’t forget – these upgrades can also be tax-deductible. This will help to alleviate some of the costs. It is important to remember that at the end of the day you are making an investment in your business, your employees, and your clients and their future success!  

Longmont Office Workspace
Individual workspace configuration with meeting spaces and storage options. Perfect for your Longmont office!

Now that you’ve considered all these factors, you are ready to start shopping! This process lays a solid foundation for you to select office furniture with the intention that will meet the goals, style, and functionality of your business and needs. We understand that this can be an overwhelming process, which is why we are there for you every step of the way. Workplace Partners prides itself on offering clients and businesses turnkey solutions for upgrading their office furniture in Longmont, Colorado, and beyond. Feel free to give us a call for a free consultation to discuss your needs and start coming up with a game plan for your office improvement. We work with a variety of vendors to provide you with tons of selections in terms of style and price point and will work with you to find the best selections for your space. We are also able to offer delivery and installation to ensure that every detail is completed to your satisfaction. This allows you to focus on your business while we make the space work for you! 

(We also like the mention that we offer these same services for clients looking to upgrade their home offices in Longmont.) 

We can’t wait to discuss furniture upgrades for your Longmont office. Contact us today to get started. 


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Our recommendations for office furniture in Longmont from AIS.

Our Recommendations for Your Longmont Office Furniture from AIS

We will certainly recommend things tailored to your project, but we wanted to highlight some pieces from AIS that offer a great combination of versatility, comfort, function, and style for your Longmont Office. 

The Powerbeam offers multiple lengths, angles, and heights to create an ultra-efficient workspace. Its versatility lends itself to limitless combinations that work with a variety of floorplans and office sizes. With so many combinations, this is a great option for businesses that may be looking to expand or update their configurations within 3-5 years. 

In addition to the Powerbeam, we have selected the Natick chair. The Natick is easy to fine-tune and get the perfect level of comfort for your employees. You can easily adjust the seat height, depth, lumbar support, arm position, and more. In addition, there is an automatic weight-activated synchro-tilt mechanism. 

Both of these options come in a variety of colors, fabrics, and finishes making it easy to customize the look for your business. Call us today to schedule a consultation to discuss your office needs. See the functionality of these pieces in the video above.