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Furniture Care and Cleaning - Workplace Partners | Office Furniture Fort Collins
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Furniture Care and Cleaning

Furniture Care and Cleaning

We all know creating a good first impression is crucial in your quest to build and maintain your business. Oftentimes your potential clients’ first impression is not with the people of your business but with the aesthetics and layout of your office or building. Maintaining the furniture, partitions, and flooring of your establishment is crucial in maintaining the image you wish to portray.


Workplace Partners will keep your office and carpet looking new. Our team will thoroughly and professionally clean your carpet, furniture, and cubicle partitions and keep them looking fantastic.


A regular professional cleaning will remove the oily, sticky soil and particulates that vacuuming can’t remove. Professional cleaning systems target soils resulting from air pollution and all the dirt tracked in by people on a daily basis. Removing these particulates allows your original colors to shine through, rather than be hidden under the dirty film of everyday living, and results in longer life for your expensive carpets and furniture.

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