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Denver Office Furniture

Laminate Conference Room Table with Mesh Chairs

Denver Office Furniture

Terracon, Wheat Ridge, CO


For this project Workplace Partners worked with Terracon. In this project, Workplace Partners furnished 35 cubicles along with 1 private office and one conference room.  

The workstations were from Global Compile.  On their website, you can see different typicals.  This gives you multiple sizes and configurations.  The workstations come in different panel heights including 30, 42, 48, 54, 66.  If you want to create a more open look you can select a panel height and then add 8″ pr 12″ of clear or frosted glass on top of the panel. The glass can either come as part of the panel frame or you can have a frameless glass.  

The workstations Terracon selected were 6’x6′ with 54″ high panels. They had a mixture of fixed height workstations and height-adjustable workstations.  The staff at this location had a mixture of people who work in the office all day and people who worked in the field and came into the office a couple of hours a day to submit paperwork and answer emails.  The people who worked in the office all day Terracon decided to give the team members height-adjustable workstations. This way they had the option to sit or stand throughout the day.  The people who came into the office to fill out paperwork and answer emails they had fixed height workstations. They also built a few workstations for people who were in the office all day but did not want the sit-stand capability. Workplace Partners and Terracon planned ahead on this project. We made it possible to make all of the workstation’s height adjustable in the future if the furniture solution changes in the future.  

All of the workstations came with a mobile drawer/file storage cabinet with a fabric seat cushion on top. This way if a team member wanted a guest to sit with them while they were having a conversation this was possible. Each workstation also included a dual monitor arm and accessory rail.  The dual monitor arm is critical to have appropriate ergonomics. The dual monitor arms came from a company called Innovative Office Products. You can see the products they offer on Workplace Partners website. Monitor arms come in 3 standard colors. These colors are black, white, and silver.  The accessory rails have a wide assortment of options to choose from. You can have paper management, cell phone holders, binder holders, etc.  

The best part about using Global is they have a wide variety of office furniture solutions to choose from. If you want you can purchase private office furniture, conference rooms, reception furniture, desk chairs, guest chairs, training room furniture, etcetera. The more office furniture you purchase from Global the larger discount your company will receive. You can take a look at Global’s full offering here.  

The desk chairs selected for this project were the Rocky Mountain Furniture Group Cool Mesh Pro.  This chair is fully ergonomic with a wide variety of ergonomic adjustments.  If you do not like this chair you can view 13 pages of additional desk chairs. This is over 156 desk chairs to choose from. We recommend our customers pick out the chairs they like at our showroom located at 5000 Goodman Rd Timnath, CO 80547 then take the demo chair to their office for a couple of business days. This way you have the capability to work in the desk chair. This way you make sure the chair is a perfect fit for the next 10+ years.   

The conference room table selected for this project was the Performance Classic Laminate table. As you will see the table comes in multiple sizes. You can also choose 2 different laminate colors for the table. For example, you can select white for the tabletop and Newport grey for the base. Take a look at all of Workplace Partners’ conference room table offerings here.

The chairs selected for this project were nesting chairs. The benefit of a nesting chair is the seat folds up and the chairs nest together. This way you can store the chairs in the corner if you desire. The reason most people select this option is that they are easy to move around the office and you can have 2 or 4 chairs in the corner for smaller meetings. Then bring the additional chairs to the table when they are needed. The chairs Terracon selected were the Rocky Mountain Furniture Group Pissarro. You can take a look at the chair on the Workplace Partners website. If this is not the chair you like we have over 24 additional nesting chairs. Workplace Partners has traditional conference room chairs as well.  You can see the conference room chair options here. Here you will see over 12 pages of chairs with 144 chairs to choose from. If you like a particular style let us know and we will email you additional chair options.  


Denver Commercial Property Services


For this project, Workplace Partners worked with Denver Commercial Property Services otherwise known as DCPS. They are located at 7127 South Alton Way Centennial, CO 80112   For this project Workplace Partners provided a conference room table with chairs along with a cafe height break room table and chairs. Below you will find a general description of the project.
For the conference room table, DCPS went with ha rectangular table. This table is a Rocky Mountain Furniture Group table and comes in 4’ square sections.  Here is a picture of what the table looks like. With these tables, you have 6 different laminates to choose from. You can make the top of the table one laminate color with the base being a second. This gives your space a more contemporary look and breaks up the colors of the room. Most of our customers select this option. For additional conference room table options check out our website.
For the conference room chairs, the customer selected the Compel Maxim.  As you will see you have 3 different colors to chose from. The colors are black, white, and grey.  You also have the option to have a polished aluminum base or a black base. This chair is extremely comfortable and is perfect for any conference room. Check out our website for additional conference room chair options.
For the break room, the customer went with the Rocky Mountain Furniture Group Gathering Table. Once again you can select from 6 different laminate colors for the top. The legs are in stock in silver only.  For the stools, the customer went with the Bleeker stool. The stools come in 3 different colors. They also come in standard height if you want a mixture of cafe height tables and standard height tables.
To learn more about Workplace Partners browse through our website. You’re also more than willing to give us a call at (970) 672-3440. If you prefer to email, the best person to reach is James at We look forward to creating a workplace environment that fosters productivity, creativity, and success.  Keep in mind we offer our customers a good, better, best, solution so we can hit any budget.
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