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Greeley Office Furniture

Woman sitting a desk

Greeley Office Furniture

Here’s a roundup of some recent Workplace Partners projects completed in Greeley, Colorado.

Naranjo Civil Constructors, Greeley 


For this project Workplace Partners partnered with Naranjo Civil Constructors in Greeley, CO . They are located at 627 27th St | Garden City, CO 80631. For this project, Naranjo was looking to break up one large office into 2 workspaces.   The products they selected were from an office furniture manufacturer called Global Total Office.   

For the 2 desks in the project, Naranjo decided on Global Princeton.  They liked the open look of the desks because they wanted a more contemporary look. As you see there are a ton of different configurations you can choose from.  The great thing about Global is they make the furniture in Canada. This gives the customer the capability to choose from over 20 worksurface and storage laminate colors along with 3 different edge bands.  For the legs, you have over 10 different paint colors to choose from. This gives your office the capability to choose the correct style and look you’re looking for. You can take a look at the Princeton price point at the Workplace Partners website

For the L Shape desks, the Naranjo decided they like the step-down look. For this, the traditional desk is 29.5″ tall while the drop-down storage is 27″ tall. This gives customers the capability two have the look of 2 different heights. This helps when customers want to put a printer or paper storage next to the main work surface.  

They also selected a wall mount hutch to go on one surface of the desk. They selected a quantity of 2- 5′ hutches to go next to each other. This makes the total distance of the wall mount hutch 10′.  This desk is a little different than a traditional desk as it has an open space under the doors for paper storage. This is a great feature if you have standard paperwork where you need to sort out different types of forms. 

Under the wall mount hutch, Naranjo decided to put LED task lights. This is a great feature for customers looking for additional lighting.  They also went with tack boards under the hutch giving them the capability to add color to the space while adding the capability to tack paperwork or family photos to the board.     

Naranjo also needed additional storage. For this portion of the project, they decided to purchase a 3 drawer laminate lateral file with a storage cabinet next to the file cabinet. We used a common top to connect the two storage units together giving it a look as it was one piece of office furniture.  

They also decided they wanted a 71″ high bookshelf. This is a great solution if you have binders, books, or family photos you want accessible. The bookcases come in different heights. If you would like to learn more about different height bookcases click here

For the guest chairs, Naranjo decided on the Global ZoeyFor this chair, you have over 10 mesh colors to choose from and over 10,000 fabric, leather, or vinyl options to choose from. This gives you the capability to make the chairs whatever look your office prefers.  For additional guest seating options take a look at the Workplace Partners website.

Since we were dividing the space into 2 individual environments the customer wanted to add 66″ tall panels along with 12″ of freestanding frosted glass. The panels also offer acoustics giving each individual in the space more privacy. The cubicle walls they selected were Global Compile which is a great system if you want to choose from a wide variety of paint and fabric colors. For the fabric, you have over 10,000 fabrics to choose from and for the paint colors, you have over 10 different paint colors.  

Naranjo Civil Constructors Office space in Greeley, Colorado office seating at Naranjo Civil Constructors in Greeley, Colorado

Lone Tree Services, Greeley, CO


This project Workplace Partners partnered with Lone Tree Services. They are located at 20739 HWY 392 Greeley, CO 80632 For this project Lone Tree needed private office furniture along with a conference room table and chairs. Below you will find a general overview of the project.

Lone Tree Service is in the oil business in Greeley, CO. They called Workplace Partners looking for affordable office furniture solutions.  In this project, Workplace Partners furnished 3 private offices along with a conference room.

For the private offices, Lone Tree decided Rocky Mountain Furniture Group  (RMFG) was a perfect solution.  They needed the product quickly and RMFG is stocked in Denver. They have a 60,000 square foot warehouse full of in-stock products. They have everything from straight desks, L shape desks, U-shaped desks, reception furniture, cubicles, guest seating, desk chairs, lounge chairs, conference room furniture, height-adjustable desks, and so much more. They are a perfect solution for a company looking for affordable office furniture in a timely manner. Workplace Partners has a truck full of furniture arriving from this vendor every Thursday. 

For the private offices, Lone Tree selected U-shaped desks.  The offices were perfectly sized for this type of desk and they needed lots of workspaces to accomplish their job responsibilities. On the front of their desks, they went with a 72″x30″ X42″ desk shell. The length of the desk was 72″ while the 30″ was the depth. The 42″ portion of the desk was the extension off the desk. This is 1′ long and creates a radiused corner. This is perfect for anyone who wants to sit in the corner of their desk with the computer screens in the corner. This is nice because the rest of the desk is open.  This is great if you want to have conversations with guests sitting at the opposite side of the desk.   

For the desk storage, Lone tree went with a drawer/drawer/file, file/file, and combo lateral file. They needed lots of drawer and file space. They also went with a 6′ wall mount hutch with a magnetic glass whiteboard. The overhead storage cabinet is perfect for binders and snacks. Glass whiteboards are becoming the new standard as they are magnetic and they do not ghost.  This way you can take notes and you do not see them once they are erased. It is also nice they are magnetic as you can post important information on them with one of the magnets the board comes with. 

The conference room table they selected was the Classic Laminate boat shape table. As you can see the table comes in multiple sizes and you can choose 2 different laminate colors if you want. They stock 6 different laminate colors.  RMFG has additional tables available if this is not the correct look for your office. To take a look at their additional options.

The conference room chairs Lone Tree selected was the Compel Maxim LTFor additional information on the chair visit Compel’s website.  As you will see you have 3 different leather colors to choose from and multiple arms to choose from. It is my recommendation to do a C arm on conference room chairs.  This is the arm illustrated on both Workplace Partners and Compel’s website. If you want to use the same chair for desk chairs it is not a problem. you can do a traditional desk chair arm as well.     

Rocky Mountain Furniture Group has a wide variety of office furniture to choose from. The prices illustrated in the catalog are list prices. You will receive a discount off the listed price based on how much furniture you order. Discounts start at 30% off and go up from there.    

Workplace Partners has a wide variety of furniture to choose from on our website as well. Take a look at-  If you have a medium to large order you will receive an even better deal than illustrated on the website. The best part about this is you can mix and match products from additional vendors to give your office the exact look you desire.  Workplace Partners carries over 50 different furniture lines so we have a perfect solution in every budget. We offer customers good, better, best solutions. We can hit any budget and timeframe your company needs.  

Lone Tree Services Office Furniture Greeley Lone Tree Services Office Space

LandOne Engineering, Greeley, CO


For This project Workplace Partners worked with LandOne Engineering on an additional office space.  They are located at 361 71st Ave, Greeley, CO 80634 LandOne is a quickly growing company in the Northern Colorado marketplace and has used Workplace Partners since day one.  Below you will find a description of how Workplace Partners assisted LandOne in their expansion.

For this project, Workplace Partners provided LandOne with L shape desks from Rocky Mountain Furniture Group. These desks are part of the Elements series and provide customers 2 different height worksurfaces. This is a contemporary look through the step down desk along with the two different colors. The colors LandOne selected were a white desktop,  Newport grey storage,  and silver V leg.   You can see pricing for the Elements desks here. If you want to take a look at the full elements series collection visit Rocky Mountain Furniture Groups website.

For the privacy panels, they selected the Solero panel system. These panels come in different sizes along with 2 different heights. you can see the panel options on Rocky Mountain Furniture Groups website. The panels can be connected together to make an L or ta T, wall-mounted, put on freestanding feet.  These are a great solution for anyone looking for a budget-based panel system. 

For the bar height table, LandOne selected Rocky Mountain Furniture Groups Gathering Table.  Here are the different table options they have available. With the 4 different table styles, you can find the perfect look for your office. The tables come in different sizes and you have 6 different laminate colors to choose from. These tables are very popular for break rooms along with collaboration areas. Don’t forget the barstools to put around the table. Here are a bunch of options Rocky has to offer.  If you do not see the perfect stool do now worry. Workplace Partner has tons of options available on the company website. Here is a link.

The desk chairs LandOne selected are the Global Tye. This ergonomic fabric and mesh chair is the perfect desk chair for anyone sitting at their desk 40+ hours a week.  The mesh and fabric back are unique giving you optimal lumbar support. The chair has a seat slider and multiple ergonomic functions to choose from.  

The best part about using’s Rocky Mountain Furniture Group is they are budget-driven commercial-grade products. They have a wide selection of products to choose from.  You can select private office furniture,  cubicles, conference room furniture, reception furniture, desk chairs, break room furniture, and so much more.  They have a 60,000 square foot warehouse located in Denver and Workplace Partners receives a truckload of furniture every Thursday.  

Office Design for Land One Office Desk Office ChairOffice FlooringFacing desks with separator Desk Setup at Land One Office in Greeley

To learn more about Workplace Partners visit our website or feel free to give us a call at (970) 672- 3440. You can also email James Burns at Feel free to set up an appointment at our showroom at 5000 Goodman Rd Timnath, CO 80547.  We look forward to partnering with your company to create the ideal workplace environment.