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A recent list of office design and furnishing projects completed in Loveland, Colorado by Workplace Partners.
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Loveland Office Furniture

Factor Office Chairs

Loveland Office Furniture

SAFEbuilt, Loveland, Colorado 


On this project, Workplace Partners helped SAFEbuilt create an enjoyable workplace environment. Their address is 3755 Precision Dr. Suite 140, Loveland, CO 80538  In this project Workplace Partners worked with SAFEbuilt on a wide variety of furniture needs.  The workplace environments we furnished were workstations, private offices, floor-to-ceiling walls, and collaboration rooms.  

The first area we worked on was the floor-to-ceiling walls. In this area, there were two different solutions presented.  The first solution was for the conference rooms. In this area, we completed floor-to-ceiling frosted glass walls.

For the floor-to-ceiling glass walls, Workplace Partners partnered with Ethosource.  We were able to complete a modern look at an affordable price. Here is a link to their wall offerings- 

In the small conference rooms, we had a collaboration area where we have a cafe height table along with stools to sit around the table. The tables we selected were from a manufacturer called Global. In this area, we selected a Global Zira Media Table. This table has over 20 laminate colors to choose from and 3 different edge bands. Customers have the capability to choose different color laminates from the tops and base. This gives the table a stylish, customized look to give your office an enjoyable environment.    

For the stools, we used Global Factor.  These stylish stools are and affordable with multiple meshes back colors to choose from, over 10,000 fabrics to choose from, along with multiple frame colors.

For the private offices, we used floor-to-ceiling cubicle walls. These walls can be taken down and build additional workstations if the customers’ needs change over time.  The walls were provided by a remanufactured furniture company called Ethosource. For this solution, we used 66″ high tall cubicle walls then 18″ stackers to meet the ceiling height.  The reason we used 66″ high frames is this is the same height at their workstations. This gives the customer the flexibility to reuse the frames in the future.  

For the workstations, we decided on 6’x’6′ workstations with 66″ high walls. The cubicles were height adjustable giving team members the capability to sit or stand throughout the day.  They used frosted glass at the top of the workstation walls to let natural light through the workstation. Each workstation had one drawer/drawer/file storage cabinet giving team members adequate storage. Overall storage needs have depleted in today’s world of technology.  This is a good thing for employers considering storage is an expensive part of the workstation.

For the desk chairs, Safebuilt decided on the Allseating YouTooThe desk chairs are fully ergonomic with a seat slider, adjustable arms up and down, in and out, and adjustable lumbar support.  The lumbar support works differently on this chair as the lever on the side lets you change the way the entire plastic and mesh back fluctuates. This gives team members the ability to adjust the back to the perfect ergonomic position for the person sitting in the chair.  

Office Design in Loveland Colorado

Images of the floor-to-ceiling walls installed at the SAFEbuilt offices in Loveland, Colorado.

Pinnacle Agriculture, Loveland, Colorado 


For this project Workplace Partners worked with Pinnacle Agriculture on a wide variety of office furniture needs.  Their corporate headquarters is 1880 Fall River Dr #100, Loveland, CO 80538  

Pinnacle Agriculture grew quickly in Loveland CO. They went from having only 5 team members in Loveland to over 150 in just 3 years. They had a wide variety of furniture needs including, private offices, training rooms, workstations, reception, to name a few. Below you will find a breakdown of the office furniture products they selected.

For the workstations, Pinnacle selected Herman Miller Ethosource. This is a remanufactured system. Therefore they had the ability to choose what they wanted to be new and what they wanted to be used. In this project, Pinnacle selected new fabric tiles, trim, glass, and storage cabinets.  The panel’s frames and electrical were used offering them considerable savings. This stylish system is off modular meaning it has the capability to be reconfigured easily. The main component of off modular means you can split panels in half using a connector giving you the capability to change the size of the workstation without buying new panels. The panel height went from 54″ tall to 66″. They have changed the configuration of the workstations several times without having to purchase new products.

For the private offices, Pinnacle decided on an office furniture manufacturer called Global Total Office.  The series they decided on was Zira. You can take a look at Zira product offerings on Workplace Partners Website here or Globals website here. The worksurface comes in over 20 laminate colors to choose from. You can also choose 3 different edge band options.

The guest chairs selected were the Global. The series they selected were the Islands. Keep in mind Global has a wide selection of guest chairs to choose from. Take a look at their website to gain a better idea of their total product offerings.   

The great thing about Globals is they have an extremely large offering so you can purchase everything you need from one manufacturer. The best part about it is the more office furniture you purchase from them the better pricing you receive.  It is all based on volume!  

The desk chairs selected in this project were the Global Loover.  Here is a link to the chair. The great thing about this chair is you have over 10 mesh back colors, 5 arm choices, 2 seat size options, bariatric options, and 10,000 seat fabric options. This chair comes with multiple back heights and all have a ratchet back giving you the ability to adjust the lumbar placement for the chair.  This is a great chair for anyone looking for a chair to sit in 40+ hours a week.

For the conference rooms, Pinnacle decided on the Global Zira Table.  If you would like a larger selection of their conference room table options visit Global’s website. The tables come in multiple shapes and sizes. The list price illustrated will be discounted heavily depending upon the total list price.

For the conference room chairs, Pinnacle selected the Global Luray. Check out the chair on our website. If you would like multiple options you can see the full line of the Luray chair here. We are able to order any and all of these options. 

For the training room, they went with the Global Together Table. Here is the table on the Workplace Partners Website. The table comes with lots of laminate colors to choose from. If you want you can match the laminate to the other furniture in your office environment.  For additional options on the table visit Globals website here.

The table also comes with optional modesty panels and power and data for the tables. You can select whatever power needs best fits your company’s needs. All the tables connect together and have a variety of options to connect the power into the office building.  

The chairs selected for this project were the Roma nesting chairs. If you want to see additional information on the chairs visit Globals website here. Keep in mind Global has additional nesting chairs available if you want a different style of chair.

For the reception chairs, Global Pinnacle went with the Global Citi.  This chair has lots of fabrics to choose from. If you want you can have one color for the seat and another for the chair frame. You can also add power and data to the chairs. For a wider selection of the chairs visit Globals website here.

Office Furniture and setup for Pinnacle in Loveland

Images taken during the install at the Pinnacle offices in Loveland, Colorado.

Mears, Loveland, Colorado


On this project Workplace Partners worked with Mears located in Loveland, CO. They are located at 2695 Rocky Mountain Ave | Suite 270 | Loveland, CO 80538 For this project the customer was looking for private offices, a conference room, reception desk, workstations, and a touchdown area.  Below you will find a general description of what the customers selected.

For the private offices, the customer selected a manufacturer called Rocky Mountain Furniture Group. This is a commercial-grade budget-based product stocked in Denver, CO.  The great part of this product is they have a wide selection to choose from. These selections are illustrated in their online catalog here. For this product, you will receive a discount on the list price.  Your discount will be based on how much furniture you purchase. If you would like to get an idea of their purchase cost visit the Workplace Partners website here. Keep in mind Workplace Partners offers customers good, better, and best solutions, so the first product you see might not be from Rocky Mountain Furniture Group. Their parent company is Performance Furnishings.  

For the private offices, Mears selected a U-shaped desk with a wall mount hutch.  For the main desk portion, they selected a radiused corner. This gives team members the capability to sit in the corner comfortably instead of sitting at a 90-degree corner.  The selected a drawer/drawer/file pedestal. They decided to put this on the back of the desk on the credenza shell.  Take a look at their 5 different laminate colors for the classic laminate series and 6 different laminate colors for the Elements series.  

For the desk chairs, Mears selected the CoolMesh desk chair. Here is a link to Workplace Partners website to see the chair-  Performance Furnishing offers a family chair for this series. If you would like to see their full product offerings, click here. A solid desk chair typically ranges in price from $250.00 to $500.00  It all depends upon what you are looking for.  If you would like to see the majority of the desk chairs we offer click here. Keep in mind we also offer, guest seating, break room seating, conference room seating, lounge seating, etc.  

For the conference room table, Mears selected a classic laminate table. Here is a picture of the table they selected. For this table, you can choose one color laminate for the top of the table and one color for the base. This is popular as most of our customers like the 2 tone look. Some choose the same color laminate as their private offices and workstations. This way their entire office has a uniform professional look.  Keep in mind you have optional power and data available for the conference room table. Here is a link to the power boxes.

The conference room chair Mears selected was the Performance L-Z-Boy Big and TallThis chair is rated up to 400 lbs for taller people and people with a high BMI.  Keep in mind Workplace Partners has a wide variety of conference room chairs to choose from. Take a look at the company website for our full selection. If you do not find what you are looking for please let us know. We have so many conference room chairs to choose from and it is impossible to post them all!

For the workstations, the customer purchased used cubicles. They are 8’x8′ and are 66″ tall. This gives team members the feel of a private office and the panels have acoustic capability.  This gives team members privacy while they work. They also include an overhead for additional storage for binders and snacks.  Under the overhead is a LED task light. This acts as a secondary lighting source for people working in the cubicle. The workstations also include a drawer/drawer/file and file/file storage. This gives them plenty of room for office accessories and paper storage.  The last unique item they offer is accessory rails. This gives them the ability to sort paper and have a place for their cell phone.    

For the reception desk, Mears selected the Boarders Reception. Here is a link to different configurations on RMFG website. You can create this desk using multiple desk sizes.  This makes the desk a perfect match for any size office. With this series, you can have a straight desk, L shape desk, or U Shape desk.  The board panels can go on one or all pieces of the desk.  Keep in mind the ADA act which requires you to have someone pull up in a wheelchair. Here is the Workplace Partners website giving you an idea of the price.  Feel free to click on desks – reception desk for a full view of our offerings.  

Office Furniture Setup with cubicles and desks

Images taken during the install at the Mears offices in Loveland, Colorado.

To learn more about Workplace Partners visit our About Us page. We offer a variety of services and products to businesses in Loveland and surrounding areas. We also have showrooms located in Northern Colorado off I-25 along with Denver. Our showrooms are working showrooms and are by appointment only. Feel free to email or call James Burns at or (970) 672-3440.  We look forward to partnering with you to create your enjoyable workplace environment in Loveland, Colorado, and surrounding areas.