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Modern Office Furniture for Your Denver Office - Part 1
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Modern Office Furniture for Your Denver Office – Part 1

Modern Office Furniture for Your Denver Office – Part 1

Part 1 – AIS Pieces that are on-trend for office furniture design in Denver in 2022.

In our last article, we covered office furniture and office design trends for 2022. We’ve seen offices and workplaces transform drastically over the last two years. While some are continuing to work from home, others are looking to hybrid options or are back to working in the office full time. Many of the trends for this year are inspired by and a result of the shift in the workplace. 

For example, bringing in elements of home and creating more dynamic and flexible workspaces. Today we’re going to dive into those trends and share some of our favorite pieces to accomplish the desired look and feel for offices in Denver, Colorado. 

Many of the products we are highlighting today are selections we would suggest to those looking to create a modern workspace that inspires collaboration, offers varied work environments and adds a level of comfort through incorporating elements of home-like lounge areas and comfortable seating. These pieces are designed to provide flexible office spaces that can adapt and change as the needs of the workplace evolve. Overall, these suggestions are not meant for those looking for more traditional office designs, but they can certainly be sprinkled into certain areas of a traditional office setup. We will be highlighting office furniture from AIS in this article. Be sure to check back to see our selections from other office furniture vendors we work with.

open office with couch, high top table, and stools
Denver Office Furniture Selections for an On-Trend Office Design in 2022
1. Flexible Worksurfaces for your Denver Office:
Day to Day Table Collection from AIS

If you’re looking to offer a variety of work environments, the Day-to-Day Table Collection from AIS offers a wide selection of table types to meet your needs. These come in over 6,500 possible combinations. The line offers an unlimited number of bases, top shapes, heights, finishes, and edge details so you can mix, match, and make the table(s) you’re looking for. These can easily Integrate into your workstations with height-adjustable solutions, or can be used to design a small collaborative space near your team — the options are endless for your Denver office furniture.  

Some examples of tables we would use from this collection include their larger conferencing style tables, coffee tables, cafe tables, and high-top tables. All of these options provide durable, stylish office furniture solutions that inspire collaboration and offer companies flexible pieces that can be moved and rearranged to accommodate different layouts and options as needs evolve and change. 

Laptop Table from AIS

Another option from this line that offers great flexibility, especially to environments and workplaces with lots of hybrid employees, is the Laptop Table from AIS. This pairs well with more laid-back seating options and allows employees or even clients the option to drop in when needed and have a work surface of their own. 

The laptop table is designed with a slim, steel profile base which allows the table to easily slide under or sit next to most seating options. The color options are neutral and work well with almost any color palette and design direction.  Some other features we love about this table are the pencil grove, tech cradle, and hook beneath the worksurface to hang purses or bags while working.

Day to Day tables from AIS
Day to Day Cafe Tables
Laptop Table

Now that we’ve covered the worksurfaces, what about the seating? There are lots of options depending upon the look and feel of the environment you’re trying to provide. Many of these options will work well when mixed together, offering a combination of varied workspaces for your Denver Office. 

2. Flexible Seating Options for your Denver Office
Pierce Seating from AIS

This is a seating option that does it all. It comes in both a chair and stool height and is made with clean lines and plenty of options for color and upholstery to provide you with a modern, customized look. Its contoured polypropylene surface provides users with comfortable support and is also easy to stack and stow away when not needed. We are big fans of incorporating the stool option with the high-top day-to-day tables.

Pierce Bar Stools in Cafe Setting
Pierece Stools from AIS
Volker Cubes from AIS

Mobile, flexible, and perfect for those impromptu gathering places. These upholstered cubes are perfect accents that fit readily into any space or design and allow for additional seating. Casters are included for mobility and each cube is rated up to 300 lbs. Choose from a variety of fabrics and patterns.

LB Lounge from AIS

Inviting and collaborative, this seating collection offers the ability to create a range of environments for workers and clients. Within this collection, there are seating options, ottomans, and tables that support a variety of needs while creating a comfortable and appealing space. The seat dimensions are ample and often there is included storage to help keep clutter under control. With included power options and unlimited configurations, this collection makes it easy to define different spaces or create boundaries within your Denver office. Choose from a variety of finishes and upholstery to create the perfect look for your business. 

Rendering of Volker Cubes in Office with Lockers and Table
Volker Cubes in Denver Office with Calibrate Lockers and Day to Day Tables
LB Lounge collection in office lobby
LB Lounge Collection
Chatham Cove from AIS

This collection offers the perfect variety of pieces to create professional, modern workspaces that have that loungey feel. All are designed to offer a cove-like space for individuals as well as teams that effortlessly merge the comforts of home with the focus and professionalism of the office. The cove design also allows for privacy and separation in large open office floor plans as well as Denver offices with smaller footprints. Some of the key features we love about this collection are its versatility. It has a single seat with an option for a 2 or 3-sided surround as well as different height options. There is the capability to connect 2-sided seats to create a settee application which works great for creating conferencing of collaboration spaces. Other optional additions include integrated power, PET, or fabric insert for additional acoustics and a coat hook. Pair the single cove with the Laptop table for a perfect individualized workspace or the Day-to-Day tables and the settee for more collaborative, conference-ready stations. We find that this collection works great in both large and small Denver office settings and integrates well in the lobby as well as the workspace. 

Cove Collection Lobby Setup
Chatham Cove Collection from AIS
Single Cove Chairs
High Club Chair
Pinwheel Application
Two Sided Chatham Cove Connected
Two Sided Chatham Cove Connected
Birdseye of Cove Collection
Birdseye of Cove Collection

The last thing we’ll cover in this article about modern Denver office furniture is options for storage as well as screens to help separate space and create privacy while still keeping the space flexible. 

3. Storage + Screens to Create Dynamic Workspaces for your Denver Office Furniture
Calibrate Series Lockers from AIS

This series offers the perfect option for businesses that are moving away from the traditionally assigned desk layouts. This gives hybrid employees a place to store their personal belongings or items they prefer to keep in the office in a tidy, efficient way. The Calibrate Lockers work extremely well when grouped together to create an island or work surface for meetings. Another useful layout option is that they can be used to create the division of space. There are multiple finishes and pull options available and all lockers include an adjustable shelf and coat hooks on the door side. 

Mobile Whiteboards and Dividers from AIS 

Another excellent option for creating extremely functional yet flexible and dynamic workspaces. These easy-rolling tri-wheel markerboards allow for easy collaboration as well as division to create individual spaces and integrate into just about any space. With writable surfaces on both sides, convenient shelves, and a bag hook this divider offers privacy and functionality. These complement most AIS collections and can be specified at different heights, widths, and finishes to align with your design.

Mobile Whiteboards in pinwheel design
Mobile Whiteboards from AIS

As you can see, there are tons of options available from AIS (as well as other manufacturers which we will detail in a later post) that will meet the demands of the modern-day office and offer on-trend Denver office furniture solutions. Workplace Partners is invested in the success of your business and helping you find the perfect selection of furniture to maximize productivity. We believe creating flexible environments that will evolve with the future of your workplace are important to consider when investing in new office pieces and we will provide a full-service, turnkey experience to create the perfect workplace. 

Call us today to schedule your complimentary consultation for your Denver Office Furniture.  Our phone number is  (970) 672-3440.