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Denver Office Furniture and Design Trends 2022
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Denver Office Furniture and Design Trends 2022

Denver Office Furniture and Design Trends 2022

The Biggest Trends for Denver Office Furniture and Design in 2022.

It is no surprise that workplaces have drastically changed since the onset of COVID pandemic. We’ve gone from the typical 9-5 office environment to working entirely from home, to hybrid work situations, and (in some cases) back into the office full time. With all these shifts and changes, the expectations and aspirations for our offices and what they should be have also dramatically changed. We’ve seen companies totally shift how they interact with their employees, how they utilize their offices and the re-evaluation of company headquarters as a whole. This has brought on a whole new set of trends for office furniture and design in Denver, Colorado, and beyond. 

Today on the blog, we are going to highlight some of the top trends for Denver office furniture and design in 2022. These include creating collaborative, dynamic workplaces, bringing some of the comforts of home into the office, focusing on sustainability, adding biophilic elements, offering flexible workspaces, and neutral design. 

Open Office Concept with workstations
Denver Office Furniture Trends
1. Creating Collaborative, Dynamic Workplaces 

After long periods of isolation and working from home, there is a greater emphasis on collaboration and teamwork. This idea translates into the workspace through a revived and refreshed office layout. Goodbye to the rigid cubicles, hello to dynamic cooperative spaces that better fit the ever-evolving workforce. These layouts are open concept and include lots of different spaces that invite colleagues to work together and interact with one another. These include lounge spaces, lots of tables, and different environments that foster a sense of unity. By incorporating furniture that can be moved around, or pushed together allows employees to easily collaborate and create workspaces based on their needs at any given moment. It also better fits the idea of being able to work from anywhere and allowing employees to choose their work environment instead and being assigned to a cubicle or designated workspace.

In many ways, this results in more productive and efficient employees while also creating a more inclusive environment for workers. This is true in the sense that some people work better and are more comfortable in different scenes and scenarios. One employee might thrive in a busy cafe-style area while another might do better at a desk or in a pod with fewer distractions. These are options that can easily be offered in the same Denver office by selecting the right furniture and being smart with your overall office design. 

Modern Cafe and Break area in office
Cafe / Break Area with Open Seating for a More Dynamic Workspace
2. Bringing the comforts of home to the office 

After working from home, it’s safe to say we’ve all developed our own work habits. For many of us, we moved from room to room throughout the day with almost 40% of remote workers regularly working from the couch or bed. While this is not something we recommend especially for ergonomic reasons, there is a desire and need for a more comfortable setting that offers a break from the traditional desk. Utilizing couches or modern lounge areas in your Denver office design gives employees that needed break and a touch of comfort. 

Some other ways to add those comforts of home include adding plush carpeting or rugs in areas, comfortable seating, and warm lighting.

3. Sustainability in the Workplace

Sustainability and the environmental impacts of workplaces are becoming extremely important not only to employees but to employers and designers alike. This places extra emphasis on the thought behind your overall office design and the pieces you ultimately purchase for that space. A sustainable office space will focus on energy efficiency by providing increased natural light, LED lighting where necessary, and furniture selections sourced from eco-conscious manufacturers or distributors. 

Another way to approach sustainable design in your Denver workplace is by incorporating used furniture into your design. At Workplace Partners, we have access to a wide variety of gently used office furniture in the Denver area. This will reduce your carbon footprint while also providing cost savings to your overall design. 

4. Biophilic Design 

This is the concept of incorporating elements of nature throughout your office design. Whether you have an outdoor space or not, every office has the opportunity to incorporate natural materials like wood or stone. Other ways of including biophilic elements include incorporating natural light and adding plants, aquariums, or water features. 

If you have the opportunity to add an outdoor space to your Denver office, this is a great way to offer employees another flexible work area that also checks the biophilic design box. 

We realize that some of these options may not necessarily be realistic for every space, however, incorporating plants and natural light go a long way towards creating a biophilic design. This can also create some impactful and interesting opportunities for design features like a live or green wall. We love the look and feel that this adds to the space and there are so many creative ways to fit it into your Denver office design. 

Incorporating these biophilic elements have proven benefits for employees. It is shown to improve focus, increase creativity, reduce stress, and improve overall well-being. It also helps to create an inviting space for clients. 

three women working on couch with live plant wall
A combination of the comforts of home and biophilic elements
5. Flexible Workspaces

In the same sense that workplaces are moving towards more collaborative and dynamic environments, they are also moving towards more flexible and transformative designs. With the office landscape changing so quickly it is important to think about how we can create spaces that will accommodate all work types and employees whether that be remote, hybrid, or full-time, in-office workers.  Creating convertible or transformable offices allows employees to come and go. They may not give every employee a personal workspace but they are a cost-effective option because they are often smaller in total square footage while allowing more employees to be in the office at any given time. Through creative and thoughtful design and proper office furniture selections, this can be achieved. The same ideas used to create collaborative and dynamic workspaces listed above also work towards the goal of offering more flexible environments as well. Utilizing cafe areas, small tables that can be pushed together, unassigned work stations, and lounge areas with couches all offer some flexibility to your hybrid workforce. 

7. Neutrals with pops of color

Last but not least, for our 2022 Office Trends, we’re going to talk about color. This year we’re seeing clients focus on creating neutral environments and palettes utilizing colors such as gray, off-white, beige, tan, and wood tones. These palettes are tried and true and provide bright, clean spaces. To help bring this palette to life in your Denver office, we are seeing it accented with bright pops of color often in the company’s brand colors. 

gray office with bright furniture
The use of brand colors to bring a neutral color palette to life

It is amazing and crazy to see just how much the pandemic has shaped our office trends for the year, however, many of these are working towards creating better, more sustainable office designs that will serve the company and its employees for the long term. At Workplace Partners, we strive to create a modern yet timeless design that will meet many of this year’s trends. Call us today to schedule your complimentary consultation for your Denver Office Furniture.  Our phone number is  (970) 672-3440.