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Top Office Furniture Selections for Your Longmont Office (Part 1)
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Top Office Furniture Selections for Your Longmont Office (Part 1)

Top Office Furniture Selections for Your Longmont Office (Part 1)

Our go-to pieces for updating your office furniture in Longmont, Colorado

Now that you’ve assessed the needs of your space, evaluated your potential budget, and made some preliminary decisions about the desired look and feel of the layout, it is time to start looking at some office furniture! We’ve put together a roundup of our favorite office furnishings for your Longmont office. These selections cover a variety of needs and price points and many of these options offer several different sizes, colors, and orientations to make sure you get the best look and fit for your project. We will discuss everything from office desks and chairs to storage solutions but will mostly focus on pieces for the individual workspace from AIS. We’ll follow up with another article focusing on communal spaces, conference rooms, and more. 

office matrix open floor plan
Open Office Design in Longmont, Colorado.
1. Desks for your Longmont Office

Having the right workspace is a critical component of productivity. It is important to look for the perfect combination of comfort, functionality, storage options, and configuration. In offering employees a productive and comfortable work environment, a height-adjustable desk should always be considered. This offers employees the option to sit or stand during their workday and is proven to promote better health and happiness in the workplace. Benefits include everything from a lower risk of weight gain, reduced back pain and better posture, increased productivity, and higher energy levels. We at Workplace Partners believe that height adjustable desks are essential for the modern office environment and have seen them be a very popular choice for our Longmont offices. 

Depending on your specific needs for your Longmont office, we suggest some different options and accessories for height-adjustable desks. These include the Day to Day Height Adjustable Tables from AIS, the Powerbeam from AIS, and the Calibrate Height Adjustable Table bases from AIS

AIS offers a huge variety of adjustable height desks but the Day to Day series offers the greatest selection for an array of uses. This desk allows employees to easily incorporate movement into their workday and move freely from sitting to standing. It features an electronic adjustment with soft start/stop and memory presets. The versatility is unbeaten and the Day to Day series can be used individually or incorporated with other AIS desk configurations. On top of that the freestanding, universal design allows the Day to Day to easily integrate into a variety of office layouts. AIS offers everything from L-Shaped and 90-degree desks to the option to create a totally custom configuration. In addition, they offer a huge variety of dividers and accessories to achieve almost any look and configuration you want for your Longmont office. 

The Powerbeam is a great pairing for the Day to Day desk series. This beam was designed to provide power to workstations and comes in a variety lengths, finishes, and configuration options to support and power your office. You can easily connect power from the floor, ceiling, or wall to every workstation and conceal unsightly cords and wires within.

Stand Up Desk with chair
Adjustable height desk options for your Longmont office.
Powerbeam Office Setup
Day to Day Powerbeam from AIS

Below are some different configurations and options for the Day to Day series. 

Individual workstations in open office
Height Adjustable Tables with Powerbeam
Day to Day Powerbeam Desks
Day to Day Powerbeam Height Adjustable Tables

For the private or executive office, we like to suggest pairing the Day to Day height adjustable desk with the Calibrate Height Adjustable Table Bases. This line of storage elements was designed to seamlessly support the height-adjustable tables while concealing the legs. Plus, you can choose bases with or without storage including bookcases, pedestals, or lateral files. These create a high-end, sophisticated look for more traditional offices and maximize storage within your design.

2. Office Chairs for your Longmont Office

To better enhance employee comfort, it is important to select a chair that provides comfortable support for long workdays. For office chairs, Workplace Partners suggests two options from AIS – the Devens and the Bolton. Both of these collections give businesses plenty of choices for customization and different silhouettes to use throughout the office to create a cohesive look. 

The Devens:  

The Devens offers a simple yet sophisticated design giving employees quick, intuitive controls to adjust the ergonomics of their individual chairs. With several adjustment points, each individual can find the best fit and comfort level for their personal needs. The Devens features a comfortable molded seat cushion and back that are designed to conform to the individual. In addition to the seat cushion, the Devens provides great lower, middle, and upper back support and prevents fatigue over long workdays. This includes body-conforming, height-adjustable lumbar support, as well as seat height and depth adjustments. It can accommodate a variety of body types with 4.75” of height adjustment and 2” of depth adjustment. This makes the Devens a great option as it accommodates 95% of the workplace population. For increased comfort, there is also a weight-balanced synchro-tilt mechanism to allow for easy reclining and a 4-D arm adjustment to fit personal preferences and physical needs. Individuals can easily adjust the arm height, width, depth, and rotation.

Another thing we love about this chair is its timeless design and durable construction. These chairs are built to last and include smart features such as arm caps that resist impact and abrasion. The Devens chair is available in a task chair, stool, and side chair option giving extreme flexibility, comfort, and style with options for every part of your office. Workplace Partners recommends this chair for a variety of businesses in the Longmont area and would be happy to provide more information about options and availability. If interested, please contact us for more information. 

Devens Series Office Chair
Devens Series Office Chairs. Perfect for your Longmont office!
The Bolton: 

Boasting many of the same wonderful features as the Devens, the Bolton provides even more versatility and optimal support. This chair was designed with long work days in mind and provides individuals with all the adjustability and support they need. The design features ample lumbar support, a comfortable seat cushion, adjustable 4-D arms, adjustable seat height, and synchro-tilt mechanisms that conform to a variety of body types. The synchro-tilt feature is augmented by the choice of a center tension mechanism that gives users a chair that moves with their natural pivot points. 

The Bolton is available in a high back option with optional headrest as well as a mid-back option. This gives it extreme versatility that goes from reception to the executive desk and comes in a variety of back mesh and seat upholstery options and colors.  We believe the Bolton family offers a sophisticated, stylish option for any Longmont office in need of new office chairs. Call Workplace Partners to discuss your needs and available options for this office chair.

Bolton Executive Office Chair
Bolton High Back Office Chair with Headrest
Bolton High Back Office Chair
Bolton High Back Office Chair
Bolt Mid Back Office Chair
Bolton Mid Back Office Chair
3. Office Storage Solutions for your Longmont office

Now that we’ve laid out the desk and chair options for your Longmont office, we will dive into storage options. AIS offers a comprehensive line of storage solutions with their Calibrate series. This line includes pedestals, lateral files, pantry pull-out storage, bookcases, lockers, and wardrobe storage towers. These offerings range in size and function and come in over 20 laminate colors and 5 paint options with 4 different pull options. In addition, there are optional feet and casters to provide mobility or raise the furniture off the ground. With unlimited options for integration, these make for great storage options for individual workstations, private offices, boardrooms, and more. Here are some of our go-to pieces within the series. 

          • The Pedestal – This is a great piece to incorporate into open office plans with individual workstations. They come in a variety of sizes and configurations to give you the best storage for the task at hand. There are cubby options or file storage options with a drawer. You can truly customize these to the needs of your employees. The casters and cushion top make these flexible pieces that can be moved to provide additional surfaces or seating within the office configuration. 
          • Lateral Storage – These provide greater storage but still incorporate well into certain open office configurations with individual workspaces. Again, they come in a variety of different setups to provide the best solution for your needs. These are also great options for private offices as they can expand your work surface while giving you the added storage. 
          • Floor bookcases or credenzas – These make for great additions to communal work areas that require storage for office materials, supplies, literature, etc. These also make for great additions to private offices. 
          • Pedestal Tower with Open Side – This is a great option that provides lots of concealed storage while also giving you some open shelving to display items. We feel that this is great use of space especially when you are working to create separate work environments within an open office plan.
                    • All of these options come with option locking mechanisms to provide security if needed. 
Calibrate Office Storage Series
Calibrate Storage Series

These items cover the basics in providing a comfortable, functional work environment for your employees. As previously mentioned, creating the right work environment is so important. It can boost productivity, increase employee happiness and retention, and reinforce your brand, ethics, and messaging to clients. In our next article we will dive into some of the pieces we recommend for more communal spaces vs the individual workspace. This will include conference tables, meeting areas, and more. Be sure to check in next week to see what products we’re highlighting for your Longmont office. In the meantime, please reach out to Workplace Partners to schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your Longmont office. We can help you find the best selection of office furniture for your business. 

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