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Greeley Office Design

Terina Conference Table

Greeley Office Design

Workplace Partners has found several great clients in Greeley, Colorado. This is a continuation of our previous post-Greeley Office Furniture and a few additional clients we’ve worked with. In these projects, we’ve helped with everything from downsizing and decommissioning to office furniture selections and design.

Downsizing and Decommissioning in Greeley

Workplace Partners is working with a landlord on decommissioning a large office building in Greeley. The address is 244 Dundee Greeley, CO 80634  This project includes closing down an existing office space in preparation for new tenants. The office space is 40,000 square feet and has a mixture of private offices, training rooms, break rooms, cubicles, desk chairs, conference room chairs, lobby furniture, with so much more.  

For this project, Workplace Partners will figure out how to dispose of furniture in the most environmentally friendly method possible. This includes donating furniture to nonprofits, selling furniture for low low prices to end-users and recycling metal products. The benefits are the environmental impact of products going to the landfill. 

Workplace Partners works with over 500 nonprofits in Colorado to donate furniture. To get on our email list email  This benefits both the nonprofit community along with the environment.  

Greeley Office Furniture Liquidation Greeley Office Liquidation - Conference Tables Room of Office Chairs after Office Liquidation

1888 Industrial Services 

For this project, Workplace Partners worked with 1888 Industrial Services located in Greeley CO. Their address is  800 8th Ave Suite 301, Greeley, CO 80631.  In this project, Workplace Partners assisted 1888 Industrial with the 3rd floor of the building. In the project, there were over 20 private offices, 50 cubicles, 3 conference rooms, a training room, a reception area, and a break room.  Below you will find details regarding the project.  

For this project, 1888 Industrial Services purchased everything from a manufacturer called Global. They are a Canadian-based company that offers everything a company needs to furnish an office.  The reason 1888 selected this company is Global bases their pricing based on the volume purchase. Therefore the more you purchase with them the better discount you will receive. This can save companies up to 20% on their entire order. This may not seem like much but when you spend 100K on furniture this is a $20,000.00 savings!!!

For the workstations, they selected Global Compile.  You can see the workstations on our website.   For additional information on the cubicles take a look at Compile’s website.  If you go under the Typicals page you can take a look at different configurations.  You will receive a heavy discount off the list price. List discounts start out at 30% off the list price and go up from there.  Most people today use 6’x6′ workstations with height-adjustable desks. The panel height is typically 50″ or 54″ with 8″ to 12″ of glass on top. For storage, they typically go with a drawer/file cabinet.  Storage is not as essential as it used to be so people are cutting back. But people are typically going with a dual monitor arm. The 2 computer screens maximize team member’s efficiency and get the monitors off the work surface. This gives people the capability to open up work surfaces. Therefore the 6’x’6′ has more space for team members to work and saves companies money by minimizing the square footage each employee’s workstation takes up in the office.  

For the conference room tables, 1888 Industrial Services selected the Global Zira tables. You can see the tables on the Workplace Partners website.  For a wider selection of tables visit the Global website. As you will see Global has multiple styles to choose from along with multiple sizes and shapes.  You can also choose from a 1″ thick or 1 1/2″ thick table with 20 different laminate colors and 3 different edge bands.  There is no shortage of choices to choose from when it comes to picking out the perfect conference room table for your office from Global.

For the private offices 1888 selected Global Zira desks. You can see a wide variety of desk configurations on Global’s website.  Once again you will receive a discount on the list price. To gain a better understanding of what Global Zira desks cost visit the Workplace Partners website.

For the chairs, 1888 went with the Global Vion. They used this chair for the conference rooms, desk chairs, and guest chairs. For the conference room, the chair has a C arm that is fixed height and a traditional desk chair arm with multiple adjustments. They also have a matching guest chair. If you want to take a look at the chairs visit Global’s website.  As you will see you have multiple back heights to choose from.  From there you have 3 different frame colors, 10+ mesh colors, and over 10,000 fabric seat colors to choose from. Globals website automatically builds the chair based on your selections. Feel free to email the chair you select to along with the quantity to receive a free no-obligation quote. If you want an idea of what the chair costs, take a look at the Workplace Partners website.

For the training room, the customer went with the Terina nesting tables.  The benefit of these tables is they have a top that flips up and nests.  This is beneficial to end-users as they have the capability to configure the room in multiple ways.  This gives customers the ability to adapt the room towards their ideal work environment. From board meetings to training sessions. To learn more about the Terina table visit Global’s website. The table comes with an optional modesty panel for women in skirts or men in kilts.  You also have the option to add power and data into the table. This is beneficial if people need power to plug in their laptops or data to connect to a secured internet line.  

For the nesting chairs, the customer went with the Global Roma.  This chair has a seat that folds up and nests.  This allows for easy storage when the chairs are not being used.  Here is a link to Global’s website. To see pricing on the chairs visit the Workplace Partners website.

Cubicles at 1888 Industrial Offices Image of Conference Room with Tables and TV Cubicle with Desk Chair and dual monitors

To learn more about Workplace Partners visit our website at- You are also more than willing to give us a call at (970) 672-3440. If you prefer to email the best person to reach is James at- We look forward to creating a workplace environment that fosters productivity, creativity, and success.  Keep in mind we offer our customers a good, better, best, solution so we can hit any budget.  

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